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Q & A ( English translated by google apps.)

Q1. Will I feel inner hot after taking CLT, P1500 or P3000, TEP-30X? Why do you get pimples, or feel a bit of a toothache?

A1: From the perspective of Traditional medicine, this is a phenomenon of good effect, which usually disappears within a week after the first dose. For whose get the first health supplement, the detoxification effect is very obvious, and the stool frequency will be more than before. No worries. It is because of the cells have accumulated a lot of bad and polluted cells, curcumin has the function of expelling these bad and polluted cells from the body in terms of the efficacy of medicinal health care products. Toxic reaction, curcumin will not have any side effects in the highest daily dose of 8000mg.

Healing crisis, also called Reverse Reaction in Traditional medicine (Health supplement) , is a phenomenon that may occur during cell repair. It is a good thing to have a better reaction, please don’t worry, so no matter the problem of sub-health or chronic disease, please give your body some time and use scientific methods to improve your health.


The improvement reaction is a good thing. It is a phenomenon that the sick balance of the human body is disturbed and readjusted to a healthy balance. It is the activation of the human immune system and the functions of the internal organs are recovering.


The specific manifestations of the improvement reaction are as follows:


1. Itchy skin:

The phagocytosis ability of white blood cells is enhanced, the skin tissue is itchy, and the qi and blood in the lesion are circulated.

2. People with poor kidney function and qi stagnation and blood stasis will report that the skin is extremely itchy. The body does not have a rash.

3. Small redness and swelling on the skin, small red lumps, wheals, and vomiting are manifestations of cholecystitis and bile reflux disease, and the reflection of waste in human blood and body fluids in the weak acid environment of the skin. The skin can't bear the adjustment, and all kinds of new stasis will be produced, which is temporary.

4. Skin ulceration, running water, peeling, and local swelling are manifestations of blocked skin microcirculation and poor circulation. Such as thick or pink liquid coming out of the original wound site.

5. Lymphatic pain, red and swollen throat, itching in the mouth, coughing, this is the lymph node, throat, and other original diseases or stasis, virus complexes, waste bodies, blood spots, and the waste in the mucous membrane begins to loosen or decompose, dredging and discharging.

6. Scalp itching and dandruff are typical reflections of kidney yang deficiency. It is an uncomfortable feeling caused by a large amount of fat and waste in the hair follicles of the scalp being blocked by blood stasis.

7. Originally had skin problems, the performance of expelling toxins in the blood


All kinds of pain are due to increased blood flow, sclerosis and atrophy, and the stagnant microvessels begin to recover their elasticity. Pushing from the back and blocking from the front will pull the surrounding tissues, which will reflect pain. Some people react strongly, while others respond weak.


1. Local muscle soreness, pain, tingling, this is a serious blockage of muscle microcirculation.


2. Regarding the hip bone, cervical spine, and lumbar spine, soreness, tingling pain, and no fixed point, this is a manifestation of arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis of the femur. The more pain, the more serious it is.


3. Unexpected local pain, indicating that there is stasis in this part.


4. Weakness and aches all over the body, this is a manifestation of the acidity in the blood being discharged, and there will also be extravagant sleep


5. Headache, which is a reflection of cerebrovascular atrophy, cerebrovascular blockage, brain tumor, migraine, trauma to the head, and unstable cranial nerve function. When microvessels recover their elasticity, the shape of surrounding tissues is changed.


6. Female abdominal pain, distending pain, and extreme discomfort are reflections of pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine malposition, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, cervicitis, adnexitis, vaginitis, and other gynecological diseases .


7. Pain in the hands and feet, and fever in the palms and soles of the hands, this is a reflection of the recovery of peripheral nerves and microcirculation.


8. Lumbar pain, waist distension, backache: poor kidney, nephritis, kidney stones, bladder stones, ureteral stones, fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, lumbar problems, and other diseases. A manifestation of resilience.


9. Stomach pain and vomiting, excessive flatulence, this is a reflection of stomach disease, bile reflux gastritis, atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis, gastritis, etc. This is a kind of repair, detoxification, and improvement of gastric function. Performance. (Nerve compression by the cervical spine or severe pharyngitis will also cause vomiting)


10. Pain in the bile area: This is a manifestation of dredging. The blood vessels that were originally blocked by blood stasis, the liver tissue is dredged and decomposed, and the function is gradually restored.


11. Original shoulder periarthritis, cervical spine problems will also appear more painful when repairing


12. There is also pain in repairing old injuries in places that have been injured




This is the manifestation of anemia, qi deficiency, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, high blood viscosity, phlegm obstruction, cerebrovascular blockage, and insufficient liver and gallbladder. This is a manifestation of accelerated blood flow. The vasoconstriction ability cannot keep up, out of sync or to open up the performance of blocked blood vessels.

D. Aphthous ulcers

This is caused by a large amount of stasis in the oral cavity when the heat, fire, and poison of the human sublingual gland (stomach), parotid gland (spleen), and subpalatal gland (kidney) are excreted outward, and it can be relieved by gargling more. (Some women with uterine fibroids also experience swollen gums)

E. Dry mouth, dry tongue, frequent urination, excessive farting

It turns out that the body is too acidic and discharges excess water, greasy, waste and other substances in the cells. This is the performance of acid discharge. Drinking a lot of water will relieve it (pharyngitis and liver fire patients will also have dry mouth)

F. Snooze, unable to wake up

This is a manifestation of too many toxins in the body, acidic blood, and liver problems. The detoxification and repair of the liver must be completed during sleep, which is an inevitable reflection of repair.

G. Excessive eye mucus, red and swollen eyes, eye pain

This is a manifestation of the dredging of the microcirculation, microvessels, and microelasticity of the eye skin after the liver qi is dredged, and it is a reflection of the discharge of the virus blocked in the eye. Patients with glaucoma, cataract, and myopia will also have excessive eye mucus

H. Acne intensifies

This is a phenomenon in which a large amount of subcutaneous fat is excreted and causes stasis.

Nine, cough, phlegm, accompanied by asthma, dizziness

This is an instinctive reaction to excrete dead phlegm and congestion in the bronchi, trachea, throat, and lungs to stimulate the tissues. People with asthma also experience coughing.

I. Bleeding

1. Nosebleeds: This is hemoglobin, not nosebleeds. It turns out that the arteries are hardened, atrophied, spleen and liver function is not good, and the function is restored after adjustment, or the nose has been injured;

2. Non-stop menstruation and long bleeding time: severe stagnation of Qi and blood stasis, endometrial thickening, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and cervical erosion.

3. Blood in the stool: This is the reflection of patients with intestinal polyps, enteritis, colorectal cancer, and hemorrhoids. During the process of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the original tissue is decomposed and excreted after the congestion in various parts.

4. Hematuria: This is the reaction of kidney stones, ureteral stones, and bladder stones. During the dredging process, the stones loosen, and the blood vessel intima is bruised during excretion.

5. Cloudy urine: This is a reflection of recovery from kidney disease and bladder problems.

6. Green urine: This is a manifestation of gallbladder problems. When a large amount of bile is excreted, the human body cannot decompose or combine with various foods and melt. It is also a manifestation of recovery.

J. Smelly urine and foamy urine

This is a unique manifestation of inflammation in the urinary system of people with high blood sugar, diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, and cystitis. This is a reflection of detoxification and recovery of function.

K. Diarrhea

This is a typical manifestation of people with liver and gallbladder, cholecystitis, enteritis, and poor physique, and it is also a phenomenon of detoxification. (For those with severe diarrhea, pay attention to prevent dehydration)


Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat:


1. Anemia: The blood flow increases and the flow speed is fast, and various organs cannot adapt and adjust.


2. For people with poor heart function, the blood return of the heart cannot be coordinated in time.



Hands, feet, body swelling

This is a manifestation of diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatism, rheumatoid, and heart vessel blockage.

N. Blood lipids, blood sugar, and blood pressure are higher than before taken.

This is a reflection of the adjustment and repair of patients with these original problems. At the same time, it is a pseudo-symptom, and they feel that they are not as hard as the past symptoms.

O. Reduction and enhancement of appetite

This is the reaction of the poor function of the stomach in repairing the stomach.

P. Fat and thin endocrine in the adjustment process of the reflection, especially hyperthyroidism will be fat. Losing weight is due to the strengthening of the vitality of the cells in the body, and the formation of a large amount of lipotoxicity and fat discharge in the cells.

Q. People with poor liver function will appear when repairing the liver: bad breath, bitter mouth, bad temper, nosebleeds (hemoglobin), eye mucus, tearing, dim eyes, heat intolerance (I always feel hot in the weather), and appear at night Sweating (back sweat), warm back, and hard calves.

R. Women's uterine problems: Menstrual disorders, more or less, delayed or early, or even several times a month, after a period of time, the color of menstrual blood is bright, and gradually improves.

S. Male prostate problems: a small number of people will experience temporary inability to erect, smooth urination after conditioning, and enhanced sexual function.

T. Rheumatism, rheumatoid patients: Swelling, pain, or even weakness in the feet for a few days, and it will be repaired for many rounds.

U. People with a history of smoking will cough up thick phlegm and then enter the stage of dry cough.

V. People who have been drinking for a long time will have a poor capacity for alcohol during the period of taking the product, get drunk after drinking a little, and even vomit after drinking.


W. Hair loss

Promote hair follicle regeneration, new cells replace aging cells to re-grow hair. There are more white hairs, and some white hairs grow out of the hair follicles, and then slowly black hairs grow.

X. Originally, this kind of reaction was not a problem. After taking curcumin, I found that the problem was not a disease. Don't worry, it will disappear naturally in a short time.

Note: Some people react too much while taking curcumin and get scared! Actually don't be fooled into thinking it's rejection, it's a healing response!

There is no response to western medicine, and it is silently destroying organ functions, while curcumin is helping you find out the condition, adjusting, dredging, restoring and improving the functions and effects of various organs in the body.


The point is, our products are all natural, some people feel no reaction, but the reaction is small and unaware. If you take the product to experience the effect, you can use the notebook list to write down all the small and big problems of your body before taking it, and then check the notebook after a period of time. Maybe when you think you don’t feel it, some small problems have already occurred. It disappeared without knowing it, and a small number of people did not respond, but the condition became better and better without knowing it, and it will be clearer if you can compare it with the hospital examination indicators.

Q2. I often eat curry dishes, why should I take curcumin?

A2. There are 134 different kinds of turmeric produced in the world. Only one kind of curcumin has medicinal value, and the others have no medicinal value; the curry powder or turmeric used in restaurants is basically low-cost turmeric without medicinal effect , the content of curcumin is very low, and the mixture of other ingredients such as cooking in oil cannot really get the effect of curcumin.


Our products have been tested by the Interek Laboratory in Taiwan and show that they do not contain heavy metals and contain medicinal value. They are the safest medicinal health care products in the world, allowing us to obtain all the health benefits of curcumin.

Q & A


Q1. 剛服用薑黃素時,會不會熱氣?為什麼會長出青春痘,又或者感到有點牙痛?

A1: 在中醫的角度去解說,這是一種好效果的現象,通常在初服後一星期內會消失。2%的朋友在剛服薑黃素時,排毒效果是非常明顯,大便次數會比以前多,這是體內積得毒素多的原因,也是薑黃素功效的結果,並不是熱氣的原因,通常2-3日內就沒問題。


好轉反應(healing crisis)中醫也叫瞑眩反應 (Reverse Reaction),是細胞修復過程中可能會出現的現象。出現了好轉反應是好事,請不要擔心,所以無論亞健康的問題,還是慢性疾病,請給身體一些時間,用科學的方法,改善自己的健康。


























2、關於胯骨,頸椎,腰椎,酸痛,刺痛,痛無定處,這是關節炎, 風濕性,類風濕性、股骨頭炎的一種表現,越痛說明越嚴重。














9、胃痛并有嘔吐,脹排氣多,這是胃病,膽汁返流性胃炎,萎縮性胃炎,淺表性胃炎,胃竇炎等的反映,這是一種修復,排毒,提高胃功能的一種表現。 (頸椎壓迫神經或者嚴重咽炎也會有嘔吐現象)












這是人體舌下腺(胃),腮腺(脾),腭下腺(腎)的熱,火,毒的向外排泄時,大量的在口腔內淤積形成的,多漱口能緩解。 (有些子宮肌瘤的女性也會出現牙齦腫痛現象)





















這是典型的肝膽、膽囊炎、腸炎、體質差的人的表現,也是排毒現象。 (腹瀉嚴重者註意防止脫水)




























Q2. 我常服咖喱的料理,為什麼要吃薑黃素?

A2. 世上有134種不同的薑黃出產,唯有一種薑黃素才有藥用價值,其他都是沒有藥用價值;餐廳用的咖喱粉或薑黃,基本上是低成本而沒有藥用功效的薑黃,含薑黃素含量很低,再加上油煮等等其他食材的混合,並不能真正得到薑黃素的功效。


我們的產品經台灣 Interek 化驗所化驗結果顯示不含重金屬,同時含有藥用價值,是世上最安全的藥用價值保健品,能令我們得到薑黃素的所有健康好處。



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