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7 Benefits of Curcuma longa That Protect Aging Brain

As we grow older, along with the body, our brain experiences certain changes too. Our neurons cannot remain functionally competent for 100 years.

The structural and functional changes that occur in the brain with increasing age leading to its deterioration is known as Brain Aging.

It is characterised by memory loss and brain shrinkage. The cognitive abilities of the brain start deteriorating with age.The person loses the ability to think, react, remember and even talk or walk properly.

It has also been discovered that the brain shrinks and the hippocampal volume decreases with age. The brain cells shrink and the number of synapses decreases.

One of the causes of aging brain is increased oxidative stress. Obesity and excessive production of inflammatory cytokines is a couple of few other reasons which lead to deterioration of brain

Aging increases the chances of occurrence of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Tumor, and Parkinson’s disease.

Effective measures for prevention of these diseases and delay of the symptoms are necessary for living healthily during old age.

Physical and mental activity may help in combating cognitive decline. Various vitamins and supplements are available in the market for the same purpose.

Combating Aging with the Help of Curcuma longa

Here, we are going to talk about how Turmeric, a natural,plant-basedd spice can be helpful inthe prevention and treatment of the aging brain.

Turmeric is a popular spice native to India. It is obtained from the dried rhizome of the plant Curcuma longa.It is widely used in the food industry because of the golden-yellow color and flavor it provides to the curry.It is also used as a food preservative. Apart from this, Good and bad quality without medical benefits of Turmeric also has a wide application in the health care industry.

Curcumin is the most bioactive compound of turmeric. It is the primary polyphenol of turmeric and responsible for most of its properties.

It is a