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Big Pharma vs Us

Referred to British supplements experts says , and this is what I wanted to say the same to customers:

Very important to know if your buying the cheapest Turmeric extract on the market. How do you know ? Buy from companies who care about their products not these gangsters on Amazon who know how to rank on Amazons first page for the keywords Turmeric Extract etc. They just want a quick £ we want long term partnerships as we only sell the best we can provide.

For example our Turmeric Extract costs us x3 times more and is made from the actually Turmeric root. From the Plant is always better as thats where all the goodness comes from.

Big pharma try to copy Nature and look at their products. One of the biggest killers in human History ! Its rare to die of natural causes. Why ? Well they give you a pill for x and it has side effects a,b,c,d,e,f,g etc you get one of them a year or 2 later and have to take another of their products and it has X+ side effects. Now its highly likely you get one of them then your on another one and another one until one gets you.

Herbs are the opposite ! You can potentially get side benefits rather than side effects but Big Pharma own free speech in the UK so we cant say anything more than that.

If you see an Organic Turmeric extract then im 99% sure its cheap lab made GMO Turmeric because no one makes Organic extracts. If they did we would offer them to you.

Our Curcuma Longa T+, Curcuma Longa P3000, P1500, even P1600GX are all raw supplement from organic farming Bhutan, our products have limited quantity to supply, NOT LIKE the BIG PHARMA they can buy bulk from Lab then produce a million of bottles to sell online to get quick money. Our products have good comments from customers but I don't want to post for promotional uses due to the privacy protection.

But I can tell you, our products have good side benefits more than side effects like medicines. P3000, Turmeric extracts with piperine (TEP) are best for cancer patients as well. Our records for totally back to healthy stage of cancer patient who has been taken our P3000 for 28 months. TEP is also more effectively for cancer patient, if you look for fast and good result.

Our ORGANIC health supplements are REAL ORGANIC FARMING from Bhutan, collected from Bhutan, extracted directly in local and produce into capsules, We cannot do mass production as we are the nature raw supplement from farm.

Many clients were asking why our products are expensive? Yes, we are expensive due to the cost of production, transportation, We are doing REAL nature and organic supplements.

Do You know there is 2 Turmeric extracts on the market?

One that is Organic and made in Lab (Not from the root) GMO!

The other is made from the REAL Turmeric root (Curcuma Longa and other Curcuma genus) and costs x6 times more for us to buy in.

So my advice would be to stay away from most Organic extracts products which are able to supply and selling around the world, as no one makes them unless its in lab (GMO) or the first certified organic country of Bhutan.

Do you know there are 134 kinds of named “Turmeric” and there are 12 different of Curcuma Genus?

Watch this video to find out.


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