The improvement reaction is also called 【Herxheimer Reaction】 in Chinese herbs medicine, which is a

By Ngawang Dorji

So no matter whether it is a sub-health problem or a chronic disease, please let your body have a little time to use scientific methods to improve your health.

An improved response is such a good beginnings. It is a phenomenon in which your body’s disease balance is disrupted and re-adjusted to a healthy balance. The body’s immune system is activated and the functions of the internal organs are being restored.

The specific manifestations of the Herxheimer Reaction are as follows:

  1. Itchy (skin).

  1. The phagocytic ability of white blood cells is enhanced, the skin tissues appear to be itchy, and blood circulates in the diseased area.

  1. For those who have poor kidney function, stagnation of blood stasis, so your skin is extremely itchy, that’s because of your skin cannot cope with the discharge of a large amount of toxins, and there is a kidney problem, so your body has rash over there. There is no rash on the health kidney side.

  1. Small piece of rashes, redness, rubella, vomiting, these are a manifestation of cholecystitis, bile reflux disease, and the reflection of waste in blood and body fluids in the weak acid situation of the skin. The skin cannot withstand the adjustment, and all kinds of new stasis are produced, which is temporary.

  1. Skin ulceration, running water, peeling, and swelling are signs of clogged skin microcirculation and poor circulation. The clogged blood and lesions have been opened up. For example, thick or pink liquid comes out of the wound.

  1. Lymphatic pain, redness and swelling of the throat, Oral cavity itchy, coughing, this is the lymph nodes, throat, and other existing diseases or stasis, virus conjugates, waste bodies, congestion points, the mucosal wastes begin to loosen or decompose, dredge the discharge phenomenon.

  1. Itchy scalp and dandruff are a typical reflection of weak kidney deficiency. The stasis blocked the scalp's fat and waste elementsafter being discharged in large quantities.

  1. The appearance of skin problems, which excreted toxins in the blood.

B. All kinds of pain are caused by increased blood flow, hardening and shrinkage, and the clogged capillaries begin to regain their elasticity. Feel pushing at the back and blocked at the front will stretch the surrounding tissues, which will reflect the pain. Some people respond strongly, and some people. The response is weak.

  1. Muscle soreness, swelling and tingling, this is a serious blockage of muscle microcirculation.

  1. Hip bones, cervical spine (neck pain), lumbar spine (waist pain), soreness, tingling, and irregular pain, this is a manifestation of arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid, and femoral head inflammation. If more pain, it is more serious but it will become healthy and better.

  1. Unexpected pain in part of your body, indicating that there is siltation in this part.

  1. The feeling of no energy, weak or sore of your whole body. This is the performance of draining the acid in the blood, and there will be extravagant sleep.

  1. Headache, which is a reflection of cerebral vascular atrophy, cerebrovascular blockage, brain tumor, migraine, head trauma, unstable brain nerve function, and changes in the shape of surrounding tissues when the capillaries are restored to elasticity.

  1. Lower abdomen pain, distending pain, feels extremely uncomfortable. It is a reflection of gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, incorrect uterine position, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, cervicitis, adnexitis, vaginitis, etc.

  1. Pain in the hands and feet, and feel hot in the palms and feet, which is a reflection of the recovery of peripheral nerves and microcirculation.

  1. Back pain around your waist, distending, backache means your kidney is poor, nephritis, kidney stones, bladder stones, ureteral stones, fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, lumbar spine problems and other diseases. The reaction is to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, loose stones, blood vessels. A manifestation of resilience.

  1. Pain (stomach) combined with vomiting, aerogastria, this is a reflection of stomach disease, bile reflux gastritis, atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis, antral gastritis, etc. This reaction can say repairing, detoxification, and improvement of gastric function performance. (Cervical compression of nerves or severe pharyngitis can also cause vomiting.)

  1. Pain around the bile area: This is a manifestation of dredging. The blood vessels that have been blocked by blood stasis and liver tissue are dredged and decomposed, and the function is gradually restored.

  1. There will be more painful reactions when intervertebral joint of luschka, your shoulder and cervical spine problem are fixing to recovery.

12. There is also pain in repairing old wounds where you have been injured.

C. Dizziness, this is anemia. Deficiency of vital energy, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood viscosity, phlegm obstruction, cerebrovascular blockage, and insufficient liver and gall-qi depression (irritability). This is a manifestation of accelerated blood flow, which is due to the blood flow slowness. After the blood flow is accelerated, the vasoconstriction capacity cannot keep up, it is out of sync or it can open up the clogged blood vessels.

D. Aphthous ulcers, this is the body's sublingual glands (stomach), parotid glands (spleen), subpalatine glands (kidneys) when the heat, fire, and poison are excreted, a large amount of siltation in the oral cavity is formed, so gargle more Can alleviate. (Some women with uterine fibroids also have gum swelling and pain)

E. Dryness of the lips and tongue, frequent urination, and excessive farting. that is the sympton of too acidic in your body. And the excess water, greasy, waste and other substances in the cells are discharged. This is a manifestation of acid discharge. Drinking more water will relieve it (pharyngitis) Dryness of lips and tongue may also occur with liver problem.

F. Snooze, sleeplessness are the manifestation of too much toxins in the body, acidic blood, and liver problems. Detoxification and repair of the liver must be completed during sleeping, which is an inevitable reflection of repair.

G. Excessive eye feces, red and swollen eyes, and eye pain. This is a manifestation of the microcirculation, capillaries, and micro-elasticity of the eye flesh after the liver is dredged. It is a reflection of the outward discharge of the virus blocked in the eye. . Patients with glaucoma, cataracts, and myopia will also have excessive eye feces

H. Acne is aggravated. This is a phenomenon caused by massive excretion of subcutaneous fat.

I. Cough, excessive phlegm, accompanied by asthma, dizziness. This is an instinctive reflection of sputum and congestion in the bronchi, trachea, throat, and lungs, which stimulate tissues when excreted outwards. Asthma patients can also cough.

J. Bleeding.

  1. Nosebleeds: This is hemoglobin, not nosebleeds. The blood vessels are hardened, atrophy, spleen and liver function are not good, and the function is restored after adjustment, or the nose has been injured.

  1. Non-stop menstruation and long bleeding time: blood stasis and vital energy retardation, endometrial thickening, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cervical erosion.

  1. Bloody defecate: This is a reflection of patients with intestinal polyps, enteritis, colorectal cancer, and hemorrhoids. During the process of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the original tissue is excreted after the congestion in various parts is decomposed.

  1. Urine bloody: This is the reaction of kidney stones, ureteral stones, and bladder stones. The stones are loosened during the dredging process, and the blood vessel intima is bruised during excretion.

  1. Turbid urine: This is a reflection of the recovery of kidney disease and bladder problems.

  1. Urine green: This is a manifestation of gallbladder problems. When a large amount of bile is discharged, the body cannot decompose or combine with various foods to melt, and it is also a manifestation of recovery.

K. Stinky urine and more foamy urine. This is a unique manifestation of inflammation in the urinary system with high blood sugar, diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, and cystitis. This is a reflection of detoxification and recovery of function.

L. Diarrhea, which is a typical manifestation of liver and gallbladder, cholecystitis, enteritis, and people with poor physique. It is also a detoxification phenomenon. (For those with severe diarrhea, pay attention to prevent dehydration)

M. shortness of breath, and rapid heartbeat:

  1. Anemia: The blood flow increases, the flow rate is fast, and various organs cannot adapt and adjust.

  1. For people with poor cardiac function, the return of blood flow to the heart is too late to coordinate.

N. Swelling of hands, feet, and body. This is a manifestation of diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatism, rheumatism, and blockage of the heart and blood vessels.

O. Contrary higher than before of blood lipids, blood sugar, and blood pressure. This is a reflection of the adjustment and repair of patients with these problems. At the same time, it is a pseudo-symptom, and self-feeling is not as hard as the previous symptoms.

P. The reduction and enhancement of appetite (eating) are the reaction of poor stomach function, it is in repairing of your stomach.

Q. Obesity and weight loss are the reflections of endocrine in the adjustment process, especially hyperthyroidism will make you fat. Being thinner (Slim up) is the result of increased cell vitality in the body, lipotoxicity in the cells, and a large amount of fat excretion.

R. People with poor liver function will appear when repairing the liver: bromopnea, bitter taste in the mouth, tantrum, nosebleeds (hemoglobin), excessive eye feces, watery eyes, misty eyes, fear of hot (always feels hot), and appear at night Sweating (sweating on the back), hot back, hard calf.

S. Female uterine problems: menstrual disorders, large amounts and small amounts, delayed or advanced, even multiple times a month, the menstrual blood is brightly colored and gradually improves after a period of time.

T. Male prostate problems: A small number of people will experience temporary inability to get an erection, smooth urination after reaction, and enhanced sexual function.

U. Rheumatism and rheumatoid patients: swelling, pain, and even weakness of the feet for a few days, and joints will be repaired.

V. Smoking may cough an produce more sputum, and then enter the stage of dry cough.

W. People who drink alcohol for a long time will experience poor alcohol consumption during the period of taking the product, and they will get drunk easier even after drinking.

X. Hair loss is good effect of hair follicle regeneration, new cells replace aging cells to grow new hair again. There are more white hairs, and the hair follicles partly grow out of white hair, and then slowly grow black hair.

Y. Actually feeling health but problem comes after taken. Don't worry, such uncomfortable feeling will disappear naturally in a short time.

Note: Some people react too much during the process of taking purtier, and they will be afraid! This is an improvement reaction of your health. You needn’t take any medicine. It is purifying and helping you fix up your unhealthy problems, adjusting, dredging, restoring and improving the functions and effects of various organs in the body.

There are also some people who feel that there is no reaction, but the reaction is small and unaware. If you are taking the product in order to experience the effect, you can use the notebook list to write down all the small and large problems of your body before taking the product, and rcheck the notebook after a period of time. Perhaps when you think you have no feelings, some small health problems have been disappeared unknowingly, and some people did not have any reaction responding, but unknowingly their health is getting better and better, you can check or compare your body in the hospital.

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