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The suggestion for smokers, could be healthier.

Smoke inhalation is an ancient remedy. Cigarette manufacturing is a production process in the tobacco factory. However, the molecular formula of nicotine (nicotine) will not change. It is a derivative of two pentane and nitrogen, which is alkaline when it meets water and has an excitatory effect;

When you first inhale a cigarette, it has a stimulating effect, but if you smoke more, it will become an anesthetic feeling.

Good-quality cigarettes have less nicotine content and have an excitatory effect after smoking; Cigarettes of inferior quality have more nicotine content and are highly toxic. Once a person is anesthetized, there is no excitatory effect. With anesthesia, people will get sick without any symtpoms even don’t have sense of illness at the first stage.

Moreover, smoke is toxic and it has medicinal properties. Because of the unbalanced intake of people, because nicotine is alkaline, that reacts with acid human body is a synthetic amino acid; When you are smoking more, it will less acid, the human body Synthesis of amino acids is a barrier, so most of the smokers who looks not strong and obese, mostly thin generally.

Because nicotine reacts with acetic acid to form amphoteric amino acids, it produces a delicious taste for amino acids with nutrients, which is the cause of smoking addiction. Also, because acetic acid is taken away by nicotine, people may synthesize less amino acids and taste. If it is very light, you will love to eat meat and high-nutrition food, so health issue comes.

When you are young, there is not much response to inhalation. When the acetic acid content begins to decrease after the age of 40, smokers have a cough response without detoxification and health care for blood vessels and lungs, and there is also an immediate cough response; With age, there is no Maintain the lungs and various organs to detoxify and become aggravated; and the burning gas is inhaled, and part of the oxygen is burned, which is no longer one-fifth of the oxygen content in normal air, and the smoke contains carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, so the blood nitrogen content of smokers is low.

Even so, many people in the world also prefer smoking, and smoking cessation campaigns are of no avail. In order to adapt to this kind of life and detoxify smokers, many biotechnology companies have launched some products to protect health or detoxify. However, a person who has been smoking for 35 years finds that his lungs are still normal and stated “Clear” during a TB test. This is the result of his daily health care. It cannot only overcome poison, but also treat some common diseases. When the disease does not occur, it means that the suppression is effective. When it cannot be suppressed, the disorder in the body appears and various diseases occur.

My purpose in this article is not to encourage everyone to smoke, but to share some facts with Dading. It also requires everyone to think about the reports that smoking is terrible, but in what context are these experiments carried out? When there is a smoker who uses herbal methods to detoxify, he still lives longer and the results are not as those scary reports say? Who is funding the report?

Detoxification is a fact that we need to act on a daily basis. There are many kinds of toxic, such as tobacco poisoning, food poisoning, alcohol poisoning, etc. What can we do? Have you ever thought about the day when you no longer have phlegm and cough every morning? I have some suggestion:

1) Are you sure about reducing your daily smoking, for example, from 20 cigarettes a day to half?

2) Among the many so-called health products that can detoxify tobacco, I recommend Cordyceps sinensis (powder is also good) and The Curcuma Longa T+ from Bhutan*; Anecdotal or research reports show that the human body has limited absorption of curcumin, and our research and observation found that is not true, all depends on your age.

3) Drinking tea, no matter black tea or green tea, are helpful because of the tea polyphenols contained. Green tea is likely coolant in your body, and it will be more humid during women's menstrual period.

4) Add an extra cigarette filter; Some people say that adding an extra cigarette filter will make you smoke harder, but this is not. Adding an extra cigarette filter to reduce the inhalation of more toxic substances, whether you smoke hard or not, the toxicity of toxic substances volume is the same, but adding an extra filter like as layer of protection is an extra guarantee. I recommend the best one is the CS5 made in Japan.

In fact, these 4 methods are very simple. If you become a habit every day, your body will gradually become healthy; if you want to know more about how to get more healthier, please leave a message at

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