About Curcuma Longa





抗氧化 (Sreejayan et al. 1997);

抗發炎 (Ammon et al. 1993);

抗癌 (Rao et al. 1995);

保肝 (Kiso et al. 1983);

抑制血拴 (Srivastava et al. 1985);

預防心肌梗塞 (Nirmala et al. 1996);

降血糖 (Srinivasan 1972; Babu et al. 1995);

治療類風濕性關節炎 (Deodhar et al. 1980) 等等。 


近代對薑黃素的研究中很重要的一項發現是它的防癌效果。已知可以被薑黃素所抑制或預防的癌症包括消化道癌症(包括食道、鼻咽癌、甲狀腺、胃、大腸、結腸、直腸癌、肝、 胰臟、腦、癌症)、頭頸腫瘤(包括口腔癌、胸腺瘤)、肺癌、泌尿道腫瘤(包括膀胱、腎臟、攝護腺癌)、 液腫瘤(包括白血病(血癌)、淋巴癌、多發性骨髓瘤)、黑色素細胞瘤、腦瘤、乳癌、骨癌、婦癌(包括子宮癌、子宮頸癌、卵巢癌)。

What's Curcuma Longa

​什 麼 是 薑 黃 素?

Curcuma Longa

"If I had only one single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would without much hesitation choose Curcuma Longa." --Dr. David Frawley, Founder of the American Institute for Vedic Studies.

Curcuma Longa is gaining the reputation to be the single most important herb for many health and dietary needs.  

Curcuma Longa is one of the most studied botanicals in modern science.  It has traditionally been used to support:

  • Digestive Function

  • Heart Health

  • Healthy Immune Response

  • Joint and Muscle Health

  • It supports immune health and promotes joint comfort and mobility and is fortified with curcuminoid extract and organic ginger to improve bio-availability.

  • It is an anti-inflammatory.

  • It is an antioxidant.

  • It is a natural painkiller.

  • It is an anti-microbial supplement.

  • It is an immunomodulating supplement.

  • It ameliorates autoimmune reactions.

  • It is chemopreventive supplement.

  • It has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

  • It affects stem cells.

  • It affects genetic expression.

  • It modulates various biochemical pathways.

  • It is beneficial for brain health.

  • It protects the stomach.

  • It improves and protects liver function.

  • It is good for heart health, offers cardiac protection by virtue of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.

  • It protects bones, offers bone protective properties which can be useful in protecting from bone mineral loss caused by drugs or injury.

  • It is beneficial in skin diseases, Curcumin’s therapeutic potential in treatment of skin diseases can be useful in treatment of skin related symptoms occurring as a result of other disorders.

  • It protects the respiratory system, Curcumin aids in treatment of respiratory disorders and symptoms such as cough and sputum which occur in some common ailments.

  • It speeds up recovery by boosting immune function, reducing fatigue and preventing illness induced weight loss.

  • It reduces dependence on conventional drugs, Curcumin possesses biological actions similar to many conventional drugs. Research proves that curcumin taken in combination with some medications like antibiotics, anti-epileptic drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs potentiates their activity and reduces the therapeutic dose required.

  • 7 benefits for Asthma.



The easiest way to incorporate turmeric in your life is to include it in your diet. The CLT+  is a therapeutic version of dietary turmeric. It includes black pepper and healthy fats which increases the absorption of curcumin in the body.


Some conditions like cancer may require CLT+  supplements. Please consult a doctor before taking CLT+  supplements.




It  is used in diet by Asian countries and is found to be safe. However if taken in excess, it can cause gastric discomfort.

This supplement should be taken with caution since they have a concentrated form of curcumin and other additives to increase its absorption.


It supplements should be avoided in case of pregnancy and lactation. Turmeric may mildly increase bleeding risk, therefore discontinue supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery.

It supplements should be avoided in case you are suffering from gall bladder problems. Drug interactions could be possible with blood sugar lowering drugs, stomach acid reducing drugs, blood thinners and certain antidepressants.