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Free medical consultation is to provide medical advice for a variety of purposes. Our medical consultant is someone who is very knowledgeable about the medical community and medical facts. Please feel free to message us about your situation. Prescription, unnesscary treatment, daily health care, confusing/worrying about your medical treatment, etc., Our Medical consultants may have worked previously as nurses, doctors, or other healthcare specialists, we works as an advisor to provide help tailored to meet the needs of each individual practice.


藥物不是解決疾病的最佳方法,長期服藥、失效的治療方法、錯誤的治療方法、對接受治療前的迷惑、不幸患上任何令你憂心的疾病等,我們的醫療顧問可為各種需要而提供醫療建議。 我們的醫療顧問是對醫學界和醫學事實非常瞭解的人,包括以前曾擔任過護士、醫生或其他醫療保健專家。將你的問題安心寫上,我們會提供量身定製的幫助,以滿足和解決你對現況的需求。

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