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Product:  Curcuma Longa T+

90 Veggie Capsules per bottle.

Herbs collected from the world's first certified organic country: Bhutan.

Made in Bhutan

Distributor: Bhutan Biotechnology Enterprise UK Co. Ltd.


FREE Delivery (Worldwide) 

Curcuma Longa is the most healthies benefitical of the Curcuma Genus, It's the best ever, not like others named Turmeric which produced by Curcuma Alismatifolia, Curcuma Roscoeana, Curcuma Aromatica etc.


Dosage: Read the label on the bottle.

No return policy. Our product has been packaged with safely and best conditions. Please keep in cool place after opened. 


Still unsure if it is the right choice for you? Our team of expert Advisors, are on hand to help you make the right choice from our extensive range of products.


Organic Curcuma Longa T+ 90Cap不丹有機薑黃素90粒裝

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