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Case about Lung Cancer

In studies conducted on lung cancer cells, it was found that curcuma longa had anti-tumor effects and could prevent the migration of lung cancer cells. Studies have found that curcumin suppressed invasion of A549 – non-small lung cancer cells in humans and prevented their migration too. Findings suggest that curcumin is able to decrease the invasive abilities of lung cancer cells since it has anti-metastatic abilities.

In a 2008, phase II study in America, 25 patients with tumors were given curcuma longa. Their tumors could be measured and after treatment, the tumors in 2 patients remained stable or shrank. In some, the levels of chemicals that fight cancer cells in the immune system increased. However, it was also discovered that curcumin was not easily bioavailable and that blood levels of curcumin were very low. Hence it has been suggested that researchers develop an injectable form of curcumin that is fat soluble and could therefore get absorbed more efficiently.

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