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Covid Cleaner P1600GX, recovered after taken 3 times x 2 cap.

Good news again from our customer about his wife got Covid-19 on last Friday, She has been taken 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner, once again in the next day, she is recovered as his WhatsApp message's photo here.

Why do we still got positive but no Covid symptoms ? It's because the Covid disease (bacteria) are still paste inside, although it is died but you are still getting positive result after tested. Try our P1600GX to clean up and daily defend as well.

再度好消息! 客戶的妻子於上星期五不幸染上新冠病毒,於是當天前來購買 P1600GX 後,依照服法早餐後2粒、晚餐後2粒,再來第二天早餐後再2粒,結果康復了。

為什麼很多人在沒有病徵但在新冠測試時發現陽性?原因是患者的新冠病毒仍在體內、呼吸道被膠著,沒有清除體外,大家可以試試 P1600GX ,除了可以清除新冠病毒之外,還可以預防新冠病毒入侵。我們早已發表過醫學根據。


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